We take the worry away. Our pioneering group is full of innovative departments whose daily focus is the operative part of your adventure, just for you not to bother.

But if you do, here goes the list of their specialities:

Weather conditions

Until we advise, it does not rain! We check the weather forecasts and cancel only if guests safety is at stake. Otherwise, our Rain Love Department has developed upgrades to have you forget about the rain – or even like it. Their last annual report quotes that statistically, best holidays memories come from rainy days.


Charge free full refund for any cancelation until 24 hours before we leave. 50% refund if advised in the last 24 hours before we leave.

After the tour, we guarantee a 100% refund if you are not satisfied of our performance.


Charge free until 24 hours before the tour. 20 USD charge if advised 24 hours before we leave.


In order not to affect the rest of the group, our regular rides are open to children 12 years and older. For younger children please check our Private Options or reach out to +54 11 4300 5373

quality contents

Chamullo free* contents!

We have a reliable answer to your weirdest questions – 

* “Chamullo free”: No bull!

special conditions

December 20th to January 5th is the busiest moment of the year by far. We hope you understand that given the limited amount of available places, we can neither refund nor reschedule in the last 48 hours before the tour.


Of course, we provide safety equipments (helmet, safe bikes).

Of course, we use bike lanes whenever possible, But the notion of safety for us refers much more to the abilities of our guidesto:

– quickly notice your level of riding and identify where you do not feel confident;
– anticipate traffic movements and your group’s trajectory;
– know the local customs in terms of rules of the road
– adapt the route to the city context (we have plan B for any unexpected or expected events)
– 1 guide for every 5 travellers, the safest ratio in Buenos Aires.


We love to decipher Buenos Aires
for you to enjoy and understand it.