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Pick your adventure either by zone or day of the week.
Check the map below to see what area covers which tour.

Ultimate City TourDowntown & South7 hours10 AM
Heart of the CityDowntown & South5 hours11 AM11 AM11 AM
Buenos Aires OriginsDowntown3 hours1 PM1 PM1 PM
Parks & PlazasNorth5 hours12 PM
Palermo Ride 20% OFFNorth3 hours1 PM1 PM
Hidden Graffiti and
Urban Art
South5 hours12 PM12 PM
Tigre Bike and Kayak TourDelta & Provincial BA8 hours9 AM
Private RoutesAnywhere!2-9 hours9 AM to 6 PM9 AM to 6 PM9 AM to 6 PM9 AM to 6 PM9 AM to 6 PM9 AM to 6 PM9 AM to 6 PM
Hands on

Every route includes some interactive experiences for you to become familiar with local customs.
No spoiler. Almost not:

Felt we got to really see and taste the local vibe (literally as he taught us how to make our own fernet and el mate).


There were so many little extra things we loved about this tour like the Fernet and coke we had out of a cut in half coke bottle.


Special thanks for making sure our group was always well hydrated (I did prefer the mate to the Fernet!)


What a spot to have my first "glass"!


I was exposed to a wonderful introduction to the culture, sipping Mate on the grass and enjoying Fernet Cola in a home-made cup outside the CABJ stadium.

@ Sunshine47494246285

I have to admit I am not a Fernet fan, but loved the mate ritual.


We also learned how the locals drink their Fernet Cola.


We had a few fun breaks along the trip to taste Fernet & Coke and Yerba Mate made the traditional way.


We learned about everything from history to politics, football and drinking fernet branca, street art to Eva Peron.


We tried fernet with coke. I enjoyed it but most others didn't like it.


What other travelers loved about us

@Robert Russell on AirBnB, 30/11

“These cats know their stuff... Socially conscious, hip as hell and smarter about the city than most anyone, they really are a first-class operation.”

@Mario on AirBnB, 26/02

Aleah was a fantastic guide. Her passion for Buenos Aires was contagious and by the end of the ride, I was wishing I could live here and drink mate with friends every day.

@Erika Vaquerano on AirBnB, 15/04

We got inside the Porteño lifestyle. Gaby was a special hostess, the drinks and food experiences, together with her knowledge, friendliness and kindness made it a great experience.

Strategic smiles

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