Tigre Bike & Kayak Day Tour

Immerse yourself into a unique ecosystem.
  • Wed
  • 9 hs.
  • USD *from 150
  • ~ 30 kms
  • We ride, rain or shine!

Tigre bike kayak

Tigre bike kayak

Immerse yourself into a unique ecosystem


This adventure offers a panoramic view of the aristocratic neighborhoods of Northern Buenos Aires. We’ll enjoy local customs, get a feel of how life used to be, and bike by the riverside. We’ll dive deep into the Paraná delta and kayak to an island to have an Asado.


This tour leaves every Wednesday at 9AM from Balcarce 1016 – Casa de Castagnino – San Telmo.


  1. Pedal the Palermo forests early in the morning
  2. Hop on the train and see the city from another perspective
  3. See San Isidro’s cathedral and drink Mate
  4. Enter a1800’s Aristocrat’s house
  5. Dive deep into the Delta river
  6. Paddle your kayak down the silver river 
  7. Enjoy an Asado on an island
  8. Get lost in the Delta’s nature



Why choose this Experience?

At Biking Buenos Aires, we’ve designed a true full-day adventure and get-away from the city. Our competition hasn’t been able to steal this adventure from us yet, so you won’t be able to live anything like it with another company.

On our Tigre Bike & Kayak adventure you’ll have the opportunity to escape from the chaos of the city, and experience Buenos Aires from another angle. Bike through old mansions, cobblestone streets, and the river Delta. Feel the water as you kayak, or go for a swim once we get to the island. Eat a traditional Asado, have a beer, and enjoy the sun.  Live a local adventure, and let go.

Delta Tigre Day TourTigre


Who is this Experience for?

This experience was designed with adventurers in mind; those travelers who dream about getting lost in nature, and discovering a new ecosystem; those travelers who are active and like sports; those who are looking for a fun, authentic adventure in the open.



Additional information:

  • This tour goes out every Wednesday
  • Includes an Asado (traditional Argentine bbq)
  • Minimum age limit for this group tour is 10 y/o
  • We can accommodate vegetarians
  • Total distance: 30Km
  • Physical demand: Intermediate.
  • Approx riding time: 4hr
Know your way
1 Casa Castagnino - San Telmo
2 Retiro
3 La Lucila
4 Quinta de los Ombúes
5 San Isidro Cathedral
6 Plaza Mitre - San Fernando
7 Puerto de Frutos - Tigre
8 Kayak - Rio Lujan
9 Alcazar - El Delta
10 Lunch - Asado
11 Heladeria Via Toscana - Ice Cream
what does it

Our AAIB (Almost All-Inclusive Bureau) remains attentive to any legitimate expectation of your day with us. A tortoise with salad in the basket of your bike, for instance, is not included (if you do want one, please check our Tailor Made options).

Roll over icons for more info

  • Bikes

  • Do it yourself

  • Smiling solutions

  • Helmets

  • Weather upgrades

  • Snacks

  • Expert Skipper

But also

  • Kayaking in the Delta (45 min)
  • A memorable Argentine lunch (BBQ with vegetarian option)
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Bottled Filtered Water (environment matters)
  • Bilingual Guides (when not trilingual)
Your initiatic journey

What is the relation between an anarchist, an Italian immigrant and a blob of dulce de leche on your shoe?
Jump on and become an active part of the culture of our city.



Get to know your guide, the other guests, the route. Chat with us about the latest weather and inflation updates and master our safety gesture language (the dictionary has 4 words).



At the rhythm you need to wake up, and get to know your bike.



You did not see it, but 3 floors above you there is a huge mural.



Along the way, about any weird custom you may notice - there are a lot.



Your travel experiences with your co-riders - many roads lead to Buenos Aires!



Debate grilling techniques with our experts between mouthfuls.



For live translation of the joke the chef just made with you OR get an express street class on local gestures and cope on your own.



mate (Argentine typical infusion) and take your own selfie while tasting it!



of your guide and wander independently (no extra charge).


Get back to our place, freshen up and choose (one or more answers).
A/ enjoy further personalized recommendations
B/ go to the bar with your new local connections
C/ Start processing your memories
D/ Hit the road again!


Date of experience: 07/2023 - Wayne B

A Terrific Tour

Really fun and full day with Ray (the Kiwi). The cycling was safe and we seemed to have gone everywhere in BA. Ray knows the area and streets very well. During it I learnt how to make Mate and some biscuits (yummy). After we paddled kayak along the river and stopped for a huge lunch. I loved these activities and had a really great time with lots of laughter. A must do in BA.

Date of experience: 09/2023 - Pernille J.

Best way to see Buenos Aires with these guys!

I went with Biking on three trips which made my trip to BA to a success, and mostly because of the guides, Ray, Ricardo and Cole. They were so knowledgeable on BA culture and showed me the mate ritual, where to eat good lunch and ice cream and shared even more tips on email afterwards. We had good talks on the bike, some good laughs and I can not praise them enough for their good company, flexibility, friendly attitude and just being good people !! The trip to the Delta was an especially good way of getting out of the city for a break. Kayaking on the rivers was wonderfully peaceful. I felt really taken care of all three times, Like we were old friends. The trips can be made by almost anyone, as I think they will adjust to whatever is required. I went on two trips around the city and on the Delta trip- all they can all be highly recommended!

Date of experience: 10/2023 - Maciek M.

For more active tourists in BA

A very enjoyable and relaxing cycle from BA to Tigre for kayaking - it’s around 30km but if you’ve cycled before it won’t be a problem as it's flat terrain. Kayaking and lunch were great, highly recommend the tour.

Date of experience: 04/2023 - Harriet R.

Cycling Buenos Aires to Tigre and kayaking in the delta

This full day tour was a highlight of our Buenos Aires visit. Jackson was an excellent guide, knowledgeable and friendly. His guidance cycling through the busy part of the city was very welcome and allowed us to feel safe in the short sections of heavy traffic. Overall the cycling route was very pretty and relaxed, following cycling paths in BA and quiet roads all the way to Tigre. Kayaking in the delta was great and sharing a mate made the experience feel very "Argentinian". We appreciated that Jackson shared lots of details about Buenos Aires and Argentina along the route. I highly recommend this tour for any moderately experienced cyclists.

Date of experience: 10/2023 - Jake K.

Would Recommend Biking Buenos Aires

A really good way to see the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires as well as Tigre. A really nice day trip to get out of the city, and the bikes and kayaks were both good. I also did the "Heart of the City" tour which was a lot of fun as well. The Tigre tour is more focused on biking/kayaking and less tour, and both tours I took with the company were very good. A fun way to stay active while traveling while getting to see some places you would never go to otherwise!
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