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Escape the City

La Lucila – San Isidro – San Fernando

Discover the Northern Provincial Neighborhoods as we follow the river coastline on this picturesque journey towards Tigre. After a train ride taking us away from the Capital District, we get off at an excellent stop that allows us to view the city skyline from a distance.


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Kayak the Tigre River Delta

 Channel Kayaking – Lunch – Beach Life

Once you are given a crash course on how to maneuver your kayak properly, we set out crossing the river to enter the maze of delta channels in search for our lunch spot on an island where we have a Parrillada waiting for us.


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Breathe in the Green Spaces

Palermo Parks – Ecological Reservation – Viewpoint

The quaint neighborhoods of Buenos Aires Province are filled with wonderful parks, lazy ports, abandoned train stations, gothic cathedrals and historical landmarks – a great day away from the urban metropolis of Buenos Aires.


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Tigre Day Tour – Bike & Kayak Experience

Escape the Capital City with us as we bike, kayak and catch trains on our adventure north to the Tigre Delta Estuary. A great way to explore the natural side of Buenos Aires, this tour is best suited for those who enjoy longer rides and water sports (although no prior experience kayaking is necessary). Leaving every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from Palermo, our all-day, all-inclusive Tigre bike and kayak trip rides around 4 hours of actual cycling time, 1.5 hours kayaking, 1 hour lunch & 1 hr in trains. By reservation only, book today!

Important Tigre Day Tour – Bike & Kayak Information

Neighborhoods: Tour Palermo, Belgrano, Nunez, La Lucila, San Isidro, San Fernando, and Tigre.


9:00 am

Start Time



8 Hours


$150 USD


Tigre Day Tour Highlights



Palermo Parks, Gardens & Hidden Lakes

Riding alongside the Botanical Garden, Zoo and Rose Garden on our way to discover the second lake of Palermo tucked in the pocket of Buenos Aires. We catch the train in Belgrano.


Provincial Neighborhoods of the North

A nice escape from the busy city, the northern provincial neighborhoods are tranquil and perfect for riding with lot’s of beautiful parks, ports, churches and historical landmarks along the way.


Kayak the Tigre Delta

Get off your wheels and into a kayak to paddle through the River Plate Delta Channels. With hunger motivating us, we eventually end up at a local island where we have a Parrillada waiting for us.