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Learn More About Our Buenos Aires Theme Tours

Go off the map and see a different side of Buenos Aires.


Architecture Tour

Discover our favorite man-made creations of the city

Sun at 11 am

Duration: 4 Hours

Distance: 12km (7.5mi)

Hidden Graffiti & Urban Art Tour

Unveil the most prolific urban art murals and graffiti of Buenos Aires

Mon & Fri at 12 pm

Duration: 4 Hours

Distance: 17km (10 mi)

Tigre Bike & Kayak Tour

Ride away from the city and kayak through the Tigre Delta

Mon, Wed, Fri at 9am

Duration: 8 Hours

Distance: 30km (19 mi)

Welcome to the theater that is Buenos Aires. Here, you will undoubtedly be thrown into a whirlwind of street scenes with incredible displays of public debauchery and drama. The city’s backdrop is full of incredibly eclectic (and somewhat peculiar) street murals and Parisian Architecture. Experience something unique!

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