Coronavirus in Buenos Aires. We stop to make it stop


Hello from deepest darkest South America! 

The team at Biking Buenos Aires would like to take this moment to clarify some of the ‘different’ news about COVID-19 and share what we are doing specifically to keep us and our guests as safe as possible.

The city of Buenos Aires has temporarily suspended certain touristic activities such as the ‘hop on  hop off’ bus, galleries, museums etc..

Luckily we have bikes, a flat beautiful city and lots of fresh air and a contingency plan with suggestions from the Ministry of Health.


We understand that travelling here may have been filled with new challenges but now you are here, we’d like to help you relax into holiday mode with a few Biking Buenos Aires shortcuts to the Porteño lifestyle.

For comfort and safety we have adapted our most talked about experiences so you don’t miss out! This is what we are doing to keep you safe while having fun!

  • First off, we are sharing this video, and we would really appreciate if you could forward it to others
  • Orientation on arrival, news of the day, and what to expect whilst here in the city including advicing to keep you safe
  • Every interactive experience we deliver on tour will not including shared elements so you can keep safe whilst still bridging cultures. You wont miss out!
  • Regulary disinfecting multi-use areas i.e bicycle handlebars and brakes, door handles and switches within our shop 
  • Of course as always we wash our hands and use filtered water in hygienic bottles
  • We visit places off the ‘tourist’ route (like inside El Gran conventillo)
  • Also, we will only go out on small groups. 1 guide per 5 pax

We, porteños, are well known to be ‘toquetones’ by nature, which means we touch and share everything, from the initial Argentine kiss on the cheek to the ritual mate ceremony. We used to know nothing of ‘personal space’! Things have just changed our game

So what do we do about all the touchy feely stuff in Argentina?

Changes to our experiences

  • No kiss on the cheek for saying hi.
    • Recommendation: Namaste greeting, palms together, fingers pointing up or high-five with the elbows. Dabbing is also an option
  • Tango XP
    •  Use of hand gel before and after 
  • Mate XP
    • Use of hand gel before and after  
    • No shared mate
    • Shared thermo
    • One mate cup and one bombilla for each guest
  • Alfajores XP
    •  Use of hand gel before and after


What else?

Be sure we are doing all we can to ensure you have a safe and wonderful time! 

Team Biking Buenos Aires