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Looking for an excellent and interactive experience for your study abroad experience?  Search no further, Biking Buenos Aires has the perfect activity to welcome all students coming from all over the globe to their new home in Buenos Aires.  This tour was designed specifically for student exchange programs, language schools and any other program that hosts students looking to bridge the cultural gap between your home country and the home of porteños- people from Buenos Aires.  When choosing to travel or study abroad, one does so for several reasons: 1.) Learn a new language 2.) expand horizons 3.) learn a new culture 4.) meet people from other parts of the world.  This is usually much easier said than done for most students.  Once stepping into this big, foreign city it may seem quite daunting to learn that new language, meet the locals and understand their culture.  The only way to do so is to step out of that comfort zone and go for it.

The Como Ser Porteño tour was designed by Biking BA to do just that.  You will practice your Spanish by interacting with porteños, learn how to prepare a mate for your future porteño friends, have the option of eating a choripan or bondiola on the Costanera Surand explore your new home the best way possible, on two wheels!

Biking BA welcomes you to Buenos Aires!

Tour Highlights:

  • Learn the porteño greetings & non-verbal language  first hand.
  • Warm up with fun calisthenic & dance activity
  • Cycle to the historic center of Buenos Aires in Plaza de Mayo
  • Practice your Spanish interacting with porteños
  • Become a cebador (mate server).
  • Breathe in the fresh air of the Ecological Reserve
  • Taste the savory choripan or bondiola. (Vegetarian options included)
  • Get inside information of how to avoid scams, best get around the city and orient yourself with your new home
  • And much more!

Tour Details:

Meeting point: Biking BA shop, Peru 988, San Telmo. By Reservation only.

Tour includes: Bike, helmet, water bottle, 2-3 guides (depending on group size), yerba mate, sweets,  & sandwich (pork, beef, chicken & vegetarian options).

Duration: 3.5 hours

Price: (Please consult us for prices with or without lunch included).

Reservation: Contact us at or 11-4300-5373.


Tour Description:

We Start by introducing each other with the local saludo, cheek to cheek (that’s right; you too, hombres!) followed by warm up with a fun calisthenic exercise to get the blood flowing.

After the orientation, we cycle towards the heart of the city, Plaza de Mayo. Once there, we test everyone´s knowledge on the history of Argentina with some interactive exercises.

Cycling to Plaza de Mayo

Cycling to Plaza de Mayo

Then it is time to step out of the comfort zone and start interacting with locals by learning how to prepare a mate.

How to prepare and serve a good mate. Learn it form the experts!

You may even be tested on what you learned if you’re lucky.

How do we prepare a good mate?

Once we have the wonderful taste of mate, it leaves us feeling refreshed and wonderful.

We know it’s an acquired taste 😉

But once you warm up to it…

You’ll want to keep drinking it!
















We cycle our way from one of the oldest parts of the city to the newest part of the city, Puerto Madero. This is where we join more of our local friends on the Costanera Sur to sample some of its finest treats.

Time to treat the taste buds with that delicious parrilla flavor!


Nature awaits us to bajar la comida with a ride through the Ecological Reserve.

Cycle through nature with the city scape in the distance.

We delve into much more useful information for you throughout the tour to help you in the process of becoming more porteño than when you first arrived in Buenos Aires.

Would you prefer to see another part of BA but have the same experience?

Como Ser Porteño North route.

Como Ser Porteño North route.

We have you covered, we offer a northern route of the same tour, without the parrilla lunch stop. This tour option is only 3 hours but still includes all the rest of the activities and exercises as the South route.

Support each other in your quest for becoming more porteño.

Support each other in your quest for becoming more porteño.

Need more reason to like us?  Biking Buenos Aires created the Ride On program in 2013, a program which pays 10% of its profits each month to different local and international charities. If you´re looking to volunteer in your time here, let us know. Contact us to reserve your Como Ser Porteño tour or about volunteer opportunities at or 11-4300-5373.

We look forward to introducing you to Buenos Aires on two wheels!

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